New Website, New Blog, New Brand, New Partner!

New Website, New Blog, New Brand, New Partner!

Well it’s been a busy time the last few months. We have finally moved to a single brand and have removed all our other websites / brands / logos. We have removed the old / websites as well as – we are officially trading as Pilbara Group internationally, although our Australian company (ABM Technologies) still exists everything will be under the Pilbara Group banner now.

The new website consolidates all parts of our business, the consulting side and the software side.  We still provide consulting services to cover things like Activity-Based Costing, Activity-Based Budgeting and Planning, Environmental / Carbon Accounting, Predictive Modeling and Profitability Analysis. But we also have a focus on providing tailored solutions (software and methodology) to industry verticals which include Higher Education, Telecommunications and the Military.

Our new partnership with Ovum demonstrates our commitment to the Telecommunications industry.  Pilbara Group and Ovum have spent many months developing a joint solution for the Telco industry, using Ovum’s extensive Telco experience and Pilbara Group’s ACE software and extensive technical modeling expertise.  This solution really takes advantage of the advanced functionality in ACE and really targets the core business challenges of the Telco Operator and/or Regulator. More information on this solution can be found on our website

We have also updated our blog, the old blog was specifically Higher Education, but the new blog will cover a wide range of industries and topics as they relate to modern cost and performance management. Through our association with CAM-I, we will bring you the latest thinking on Activity-Based Costing / Management, Environmental / Carbon Accounting, Target Costing and Organizational Transparency just to name a few. We will also discuss items of interest to our Higher Education / Telco and Military clients.

As we continue to grow we hope to add more dedicated industry solutions to target those specific problems you deal with on a day-to-day basis and the great thing about the modern internet is that it allows us to provide our expertise anywhere around the planet, using any of our staff or partners equally distributed around the globe. It’s so much more efficient and as we have discovered there are people with superior expertise outside of our local geography who can add great value to any project.

If we don’t currently have a specific solution for your industry, our software can be used by any organization of any size including current clients in the Oil/Gas and Financial Services sectors. The software is very flexible and can be easily configured to meet your unique business requirements.

If you have any questions about cost / performance management or any industry specific questions related to Higher Education, Telecommunications or the Military please feel free to send them our way and pick our brains, we are more than happy to provide our thoughts / opinions.