Author: Michael Skopal

Center of Excellence in Higher Education Cost Management  

Be involved….   Consortium for Advanced Management  – International (CAM-I) Creating  an International Center of Excellence in Higher Education Cost Management   Back in 1972 computing power was either very limited or, in most organizations, non-existent. Data was stored physically – on paper, or in alphanumeric card systems in filing cabinets and storage trays. Thousands, billions, of […]


2019 NACUBO Integrating Analytics Forum

  The NACUBO Analytics Conference focusses on data management and analytics. Presenters, and participants, are driven by the importance of accurate data, efficient data collection and effective analysis. Critically, they seek out and value tools that can advance the current, and future, business needs of their higher education institutions. Regardless of their institution size, or […]


Pilbara in Saskatoon

Saskatoon, in the heart of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan sits further north than Hobart is south, by about 10° in latitude, (for the navigators amongst you). As the crow flies, it is 14,612 kilometers from Adelaide by the shortest route across the Pacific. Winter temperatures in Saskatoon get serious, with the thermometer hovering around of -19° […]