Activity Based Costing

University Management and Predictive Models

"I believe everyone should have access to affordable, high quality higher education regardless of geography, social or economic status." - Lea Patterson President/CEO

"Pilbara Group are dedicated to helping universities and colleges measure the cost-effectiveness and quality of research as well as teaching down to individual courses/subjects."

Data Analytics to Support University Decision Making

Universities are complex and dynamic organizations. The environment they operate within is proving to be even more challenging. For example, pressures on research funding, space utilization, efficiency/capital requirements, international competition for students and unstable economic conditions. The scope and magnitude of these pressures is unlikely to abate. But through all this, university leadership must ensure the financial sustainability of their institutions.

Pilbara Group have taken their extensive knowledge of cost, performance and predictive modelling and tailor made a solution specifically for universities. This solution has been refined over the years with university clients to ensure it matches and addresses their specific business requirements.

How do Universities use our models?

Our objective is to build analytical models to support executive decision making, the following are examples of decisions our current university clients are using the models to address:

  1. Is there sufficient cash flow and profitability in future years to allow the necessary capital investment in the future?
  2. What impact will changed student numbers and type of students in the future years have on the institution’s revenues and corporate and academic staffing levels?
  3. What is the value of different student types? How do different student types contribute to margins across the institution?
  4. What is the most cost effective form of delivery – online or direct?
  5. What are the best performing courses and research projects and what margins do they deliver to the bottom line?
  6. Are allocations to faculty of facilities costs and overhead services such as corporate, IT, HR and student services logical, transparent and defensible?
  7. Is the cost of reporting research projects to government transparent and automated?


Looking for Data Analytics to Support K-12 Decision Making?

Our solutions are very flexible and suitable for range of educational institutions including colleges and K-12. If you are interested in discussing our solutions for your K-12 school or district please contact us here.

For more information please visit our Higher Education Page.

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