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Our consultants have a wide range of experience in managing the implementation of cost, performance and predictive models for organizations in Government, Insurance, Higher Education, Banking and Oil/Gas industries.

Depending on the level of support you require, we can provide total management from business requirements definition right through to final delivery of the model and more advanced uses of the model, including predictive analysis.

Alternatively, if you have the in-house expertise to undertake the modeling implementation, we can provide training and support as required.
Our consulting engagements are very flexible and we are on a number of panel contracts in the United States and Australia.

Consulting Process

Define the requirement:
  • Work with you to define the needs of your organization.
  • We would then craft the statement of work for you to make sure we have properly understood your requirement.
  • If this is accepted by you then we would provide a firm-fixed price quote to move to the next stage.
Data Scoping:
  • Typically a one week on-site assessment of your data sources and data quality.
  • Extracting sample datasets from your various systems, discussing the data with the source data owners and analyzing the data for completeness, interrelatedness and anomalies.
  • After the data scoping we can provide a fixed price quote for the implementation stage, including both a fixed price for consulting as well as for SaaS.
  • Typically a 4-8 week period is required for implementation.
  • The objective is to build a rapid, high level, enterprise wide model that uses as much of your existing data as possible to achieve a build and update process.
  • At this point you have a model and results to analyze.
Model Refinement and Validation:
  • The first stage of model refinement is included in the implementation phase.
  • This step involves assessing the model results, discussing the model with senior management and heads of departments.
  • There are often refinements made to central business rules based on this refinement process.
  • This is usually a week long process.
Model Handover:
  • After the refinement and validation the model is yours to keep.
  • Once the initial model has been built, the organization can decide whether it wants to keep the model as an enduring model or use it for a one-time analysis.  If the organization wants it as an enduring model then a quote will be provided for continual access to the software.  Quote estimates for all stages will be provided up-front so that the organization is fully aware of the expected investment.

Contract Vehicles

GSA Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)

  • GS-10F-0596P
  • SIN 874-1 – Consulting Services
  • Contract Period: September 13, 2009 – September 12, 2014

Commonwealth of Virginia Non-technology consulting services

  • Contract Number: PF14804C11-09
  • Category 11 – Financial Service Management
  • Contract Period: July 15, 2008 – July 14, 2011

Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS)

  • DMOSS R001 – Refresh 2009
  • Contract Period: Expires 13th November 2015
  • Contracted Legal Entity: ABM Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

  • NAVICP Mechanicsburg - Pentagon Information Technology Services Center (PITSC):  Contract Number:  N00104-06-D-Q492
  • Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e): Contract Number N00178-05-D-4600


Seaport Enhanced (SeaPort-e)
Contract: N00178-04-D-4119

The SAIC world-class team consists of a diverse set of large and small businesses with unsurpassed breadth and depth to satisfy SeaPort-e contract requirements and meet the needs of Virtual SYSCOM clients.  The team brings an established, highly integrated and proven management infrastructure to SeaPort-e.  The SAIC team offers personnel, processes, technologies, locations, and resources already closely aligned with the Federal Government's challenges and needs.

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